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  • Albania, la nuova America del turismo: il viaggio
    by Lettera43 on 11 July 2016

    "Ksamil, sei miglia. La distanza minima dell'Albania verso le acque dell'Unione europea è un braccio di mare tra Corfù e la rinomata località turistica albanese con l'antico nome greco che segna la sua lontananza dall'isola. Il passaggio all'andata in traghetto è un amarcord per gli albanesi: una famiglia che vive in Italia da 20 anni porta i tre figli a passare le loro prime ferie con i nonni, un giovane padre stringe a sé il bambino piccolo che insiste nell'attaccarsi alla ringhiera della nave. C'è pace e vento, nel mar Ionio che si affaccia sull'Epiro: quasi una crociera attorno a yacht e diverse barche a vela." ...

  • Dhermi Unexplored Paradise
    by The Huffington Post on 6 July 2016

    "To those who have visited the Albanian riviera it comes as no suprise Albania’s increasing visibility in the World’s top destination rankings including a stellar number one in Lonely Planet in 2011, number four in The New York Times in 2014, or number five in The Rough Guides in 2016. Albania is most likely Europe’s last unexplored, unspoiled Earth paradise. For the international visitor and after a two-day must see visit in the capital city Tirana and its whereabouts, Dhermi Unexplored Paradise on the Albanian riviera four hours south by car is the number one destination all year round." ...

  • Secluded Albanian bay steeped in legend, full of promise
    by Times of Malta on 3 July 2016

    "In 1984, when Albania was an isolated communist state in the same mould as today’s North Korea, a Mercedes in a convoy carrying a visiting German official overheated on Mt Llogara, overlooking a bay on Albania‘s rugged Ionian coastline. Emerging from his car, Franz Josef Strauss, then minister-president of Bavaria and one of the rare Western officials to step foot inside Enver Hoxha’s Albania, was struck by what he saw. “Virgin California,” he remarked." ...

  • Albania: Unspoilt Mediterranean beaches where a pint of beer costs less than a £1
    by Express on 26 June 2016

    "TRAVEL to Europe’s little known gem, and uncover crowd free beaches, azure blue sea and very cheap beer. If you’re looking for something a little different to the typical ‘fly and flop’ holiday, then consider Albania, a true jewel in the crown of the Adriatic sea. Nestled between Greece and sharing the same ocean as Venice, Albania has remained largely undiscovered by tourists for years, due in some part to a troubled Communist history. However all of that has passed, and Albania remains an incredibly safe and peaceful country to visit, albeit far less visited than its more showy neighbours."...

  • Albania’s bunker museums cast new light on a dark history
    by The Guardian on 25 June 2016

    "Bunkers from the postwar Hoxha era still litter Albania’s landscape and, in the capital Tirana, are being opened to the public as the country explores its communist past. Spend just a few days in Albania and you’ll get a sense of how the country was suffocated in the iron grip of its communist dictatorship for nearly 50 years. The land, from gorgeous beaches to remote valleys, is still dotted, 25 years after the collapse of the regime, with tens of thousands of bunkers, concrete testament to the paranoia of Enver Hoxha, who led the country from 1944 until his death in 1985. They were built to withstand invaders who never came and most are still standing. And now that examining the legacy of the communist era is on the political and cultural agenda, some have found a new role."...

  • Discover the Albanian Riviera for yourself
    by The Telegraph on 20 June 2016

    "Picture a gorgeous Mediterranean shore of stunning beaches and breathtaking coves, dotted with ancient Greek sites – largely quiet. You might think the last time that was the case was when the Ancient Greeks were in residence. Welcome to the Albanian Riviera. While holidaymakers flock everywhere else around Homer’s wine-dark sea, the 50-mile coast remains refreshingly off the radar – thanks to decades when Albania was a communist dictatorship and was previously ruled by a monarch glorying in the name of King Zog. Yet Albania has deep roots, back to when it was the Ancient Greek colony of Ilyria, with important cities such as Apollonia and Butrint. Their romantic ruins are a wonderful complement to pretty coastal towns such as Vlora or more lively spots such as the seafood mecca Saranda."...

  • The Best of Albania
    by Paste Magazine on 13 June 2016

    "When most people think of a European vacation by the sea, their minds wander to France, Italy or a clear day in Grecian waters. What most don’t know is that tucked between these more famous spots is a country with just as many sights and almost ten times less traffic. That country, Albania, is one of the many treasures on the Balkan Peninsula, a unique blend of mountain views and beaches lined along a crystal-clear coast. Along with traditional Adriatic Sea cuisine and a rich historical past, this diverse country is the perfect choice for your next secluded getaway."...

  • Albanian communist-era shelter open to visitors
    by Daily Sabah on 8 May 2016

    "A bunker, which is now called Bunk'Art but was originally built by Albanian communist leader Enver Halil Hoxha as protection against possible nuclear attack, has been reopened upon tremendous interest. Located in the Albanian capital Tirana, the nuclear bunker was open to visitors only once by the government during the 70th anniversary celebrations in 2014 for Albania's freedom from Nazi occupation. But now Bunk'Art is reopened to visitors with initiatives by nongovernmental organizations in Albania."...

  • Breathtaking Balkans: 5 Must-Visit Towns for 2016
    by Paste Magazine on 5 May 2016

    "Albania is a newcomer to the international tourism scene, but gaining momentum due to the virgin beaches and crystal-blue water along its rugged Adriatic coastline. Cut off from the rest of the world under the 40-year rule of communist leader Enver Hoxha, what the country lacks in infrastructure, it makes up for in hospitality and pristine beaches."...

  • Albania Shifts Hopes From Hunting to Tourism
    by Balkan Insight on 2 May 2016

    "Bird-watching and wildlife tours in Adriatic Sea lagoons have drawn international tourist attention after a government ban on hunting. The Albanian government has recently repurposed Karavasta Lagoon in Divjake National park. The largest lagoon in Albania, Karavasta was until recently closed to the general public. Situated about 90km south of Tirana on the Adriatic shore, Karavasta has been off-limits for years."...

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